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Frequently Asked Questions...

How old do you have to be?

You need to be 18 or over to enter Plastic Ivy. We have a challenge 25 policy on entry meaning we will ask for age verification if you are lucky enough to look 25 or under.

Do I need ID, or have to give my real name?

No, you don't need any ID or have to give your real name when joining. At Plastic Ivy we understand discretion is very important. However if you are lucky enough to look younger than 25, please bring some photo ID to show you are 18 and over..


Do you have to be a member?

Yes, the first time you turn up, we'll automatically make you a member. All we'll ask for is a name, which doesn't have to be your real name.

Do you you take debit/credit cards?

Yes, we accept card payments which are free to use for entry and food etc. Our machine includes Contactless, Android Pay, and Apply Pay for quick and easy entry. Transaction details on your statement appear as random letters for discretion.

Do I get a membership card when I join?

No, we no longer give a membership card. When you become a member, we enter  your basic details into our membership book : Town you're from, first name and initial of your surname .  When you come again you will be asked if you have been here before.

What do I need to bring with me?

Apart from your entry fee, and possibly extra money to buy food or drinks, just bring yourself! We have lockers, free towels, and showers provided, so you don’t need to bring anything with you. On entry, customers put their clothes into a locker, and then put a towel on. We have regular, and large towels. Whilst most members just put a towel on, if you want to wear trunks or shorts, or any other garment under your towel you can do this too. 

Do I only get the one towel?

No. You can help yourself to extra towels whenever you want - there is no charge. You just need to pop your used wet towels into the laundry bins located in the changing room area. We do request that you aim to limit getting new towels continuously, as some customers will take a fresh one every time they come upstairs even though their existing towel is pretty much dry. In very rare circumstances we may apply a 50p charge to a member for additional excessive fresh towels used.

I’m really nervous.

Most new members have first time nerves if they have never been to a sauna before, however within the first few minutes you'll wonder what all the fuss was about! It's not much different to going to a council run swimming baths, or private gym - except there is the addition of cruising areas and private restrooms, and everyone here will be gay or bisexual! Our staff understand that new members can be nervous and not sure what to expect, and as such we aim to put you at ease when you first come in. 

What are your rules on alcohol?

We operate a zero-tolerance policy to alcohol or drug use in the building.


We also will refuse entry to any customers who are visibly drunk, as they pose a health hazard to themselves from slipping, or falling asleep in sauna for example. We will also ask customers to leave if we notice them taking a swig of alcohol from their locker. That said, we do appreciate some people may want some dutch courage before arriving, and provided we do not notice that they are drunk or have a strong smell of alcohol, then there should  no issues regarding entry.

Are Gay/Bi Saunas legal?

Yes, unlike 'straight' massage parlours that offer escort services, Gay/Bi saunas such as Plastic Ivy in the Leeds area, provide a legal and safe meeting place for like minded gay and bi sexual men, with sauna, steam, & spa facilities, cruising areas, and private lockable restrooms for members to use. As such, the only money you pay is your entry fee. 

I don’t have the best of bodies, will I feel uncomfortable?

Not at all! Plastic Ivy is a warm, friendly, attitude free zone, and people of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds come.

Can i use poppers?

Whilst poppers are currently legal in the UK, there is no problem using poppers. We ask you not to use them in the sauna, steam room, or spa pool for obvious reasons.

Can I use my smartphone?

You can use your smartphone in the cafe and TV lounge area to surf the net, go on Grindr etc. We even have free wifi to save on your battery. If you need to make a call it may be best to do so discreetly when the TV lounge is empty with the door closed. You cannot sit in the changing room area or go downstairs with your phone due to its photo taking abilities. If your phone juice is running low, the staff may charge your phone for you if they have the right cable.

So, it’s my first time and I am about to enter the venue, what next?

There is no need to knock, you just come through the green entrance door at the front of the building into the reception area where you'll be greeted by one of our staff. Tell them you haven’t been before, and they'll take a name (which doesn't have to be your real name) and they'll complete your membership. After paying your entry fee, you'll be passed a towel and locker key and shown to the changing room area. You get changed and put a towel on round your waist. Your key will have a rubber band attached, just like what you get when you visit the local swimming baths. Put this key-band around your ankle for safe keeping. You'll then be given a guided tour and shown the facilities, then left to your own devices to explore, relax, and meet other men.

I don’t want anyone to know I have been, is it discreet?

Yes. Discretion for our members is extremely important at Plastic Ivy. We are located in an old industrial building, that is very discreet and not overlooked by other buildings or residential houses. There are no external visible signs on the building that hint at the nature of the establishment, and the building used to actually be a private gym, and as such, its new use does not attract any unwanted attention. We do not pass on any information to anyone about our members, and our staff do not discuss with other members who has been in.

How long can I stay for? 

Once you have paid your entrance fee, you can stay for as little or as long as you like for that day until closing time. Some customers may pop in just for an hour on their lunch break, or before returning home after work. Other customers may make a day of it and spend the whole afternoon and evening  here, grabbing a bite to eat here too. 

What if I want to go somewhere, then come back later - do I have to pay to get in again?

No. If you need to pop out at any time, perhaps to go shopping, or other business, and then want to return, you don’t have to pay again. Just ask for a "pass-out" on leaving if you are planning to return that day. 

I'm into lingerie, suspenders, women's clothing, can I wear that?

Sure, that no problem at all. A limited number of guys like to wear lingerie or suspenders whilst using the cruising areas or sauna cabin for example. They'll put these on under their towel and then go downstairs to use the facilities. All we ask is that strictly no high heels are to be worn, as this damages the wooden flooring upstairs, whilst is also dangerous downstairs where there are a mix of wet and dry areas, where high heels can slip or even step on people. We have had to ask customers to leave who have been asked not to take high heels down but have sneaked them downstairs.  

Is there shower facilities?

Yes, we have a shower area next to the spa and steam room, with dispensable body wash, so you can get freshened up during your visit. There is also a cold plunge shower that's great for cooling down after a hot sauna.

Can I wear something under my towel or instead of my towel?

Yes, sure! Whilst most members will just pop a towel straight on and then go downstairs, you can also wear trunks, speedos, or shorts instead if you wish, or wear them under your towel. 

Do you have condoms and lube?

Yes. All the private restrooms have condoms and lube in them, and a lock on the door for total privacy. 

OK, I want to come, what do I do next?

Grab your entry fee and pop along when we're open and enjoy your first visit to Plastic Ivy!

Where is best to park?

You'll probably find somewhere to park easily. However for anyone who has any difficulty, these paragraphs are worth a read, and whilst sounding like a hassle from reading here, they can all be checked consecutively in less than a minute in the car.

You can't park outside the front of the building, and strictly not outside the gates, or any residents' houses, as this draws unwanted attention to the building, and we will ask you to move. 

The road that runs parallel behind the building, Battye Street, has a free parking area. To reach that road, drive up the hill from the sauna and take your first left (you may find space on this steep short road as it is). If not, turning left again on to Battye Street takes you to a residential street where parts are lined & boxed for permit holders, but other parts on the left are not such as by the steep grass verge (which you can walk up -  straight to the sauna). 

If there is nothing by the grass verge, do a u-turn and take a left at the corner of the signed Private Day Nursery (Pepper Royd St). You should find parking there. If not, another u-turn, and turn left going up hill on battye street, and go towards the top. There are parking bays on your left that are 1 hour free short stay bays. Handy for a quick visit. However, it is extremely rare that the town centre ticket attendants will walk that far out of town twice to see if someone has overstayed when it is usually empty there most days. However we would not be held responsible for any tickets. 

Still no luck? drive back down Battye Street, down hill, and take your 5th (approx) right, onto Sharp Street. This leads you to Cliffe Street secure car park, which is £1 for 3 hours and is just 3 minutes walk from the sauna. The post code for the car park is WF13 1RD.

We advise customers not to park on Charles Street on the other side of the road of the sauna, as the road is narrow and double parking can prevent emergency vehicles and bin lorries from getting through.

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